Other Assets

Here is a list of our current assets:

Markwells Wood, PEDL126 (UKOG 100%)
UKOG completed the planned plug & abandonment (P&A) operations on the MW-1 well. Three cement plugs were set in the well and the wellhead was removed. Post period the Markwells Wood site was also restored and re-planted to its original woodland condition.

Loxley, Broadford Bridge, PEDL234 (UKOG 100%)
In April 2019 UKOG submitted a planning application for drilling of the Loxley-1 well, which is intended to appraise the potentially significant Godley Bridge Portland gas discovery, located in the northwest of the licence. Post period, in October 2019, a Loxley permit application was submitted to EA. The primary objective is to drill, core and test the centre or “crest” of the Portland gas accumulation. If the initial test is successful, we will drill and test a horizontal sidetrack, Loxley-1z, within the Portland and carry out an EWT to establish commercial viability. Post period, in November 2019, UKOG submitted a planning application to extend the existing Broadford Bridge planning approval by 24 months to March 2022. Also post period, OGA approved an amendment to the PEDL234 Retention Area work programme, wherein Loxley-1 is to be drilled by December 2021.

Isle of Wight Arreton oil discovery, Godshill prospect and Arreton East prospect, PEDL331 (UKOG 95%)
PEDL331 on the Isle of Wight contains the lion’s share of UKOG’s discovered audited recoverable conventional oil resources (UKOG net P50 Contingent Resources of 14.9 MMbbl). UKOG signed leases for well sites at Godshill (formerly Arreton South) and Arreton in January 2019 and August 2019 respectively. Post period in December 2019, a stakeholder exhibition was held for both sites. The Arreton planning application was submitted in March 2020. The Godshill planning application submission will follow. Our forward plan is to first drill, core and test an Arreton-3 pilot well which effectively twins the prior Arreton-2 oil discovery, made by British Gas in the 1970s. If oil flows are encouraging, we will then drill and EWT a horizontal sidetrack, Arreton-3z, within one of the three vertically adjacent Jurassic reservoirs, most likely the Portland, which is a natural-fracture enhanced sandy limestone of better porosity than Horse Hill. Both vertical pilot wells will also core and test the underlying Kimmeridge section. Should Arreton-3 results prove encouraging we plan to move directly to drill, core and test a vertical pilot hole in the geological look alike Godshill exploration prospect, which contains around 50 MMbbl of oil in place (OIP) within the Portland plus significant further upside in the Kimmeridge and Inferior oolite sections.  As per Arreton-3, if the initial results are encouraging, we plan a horizontal sidetrack and EWT. UKOG’s subsurface team have also identified a further large undrilled anticlinal structure, the Arreton East Prospect, another look-alike to the Arreton discovery and lying further to the east along the same geological trend. Initial mapping shows this feature to be many times larger than both the Arreton oil discovery and Godshill prospect combined. OGA granted a two-year extension of PEDL331 to 20 July 2023.

“A24” Prospect, PEDL143 (UKOG 67.5%)
A detailed study examining the viability of drilling the A24 (formerly Holmwood) Portland prospect’s centre from selected sites outside the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, each over 3 km from the target, concluded that the required long-reach/shallow target-depth wells are neither technically viable or economically feasible. Consequently, UKOG and its partners have now relinquished their interests in the licence. UKOG assumed operatorship of PEDL143 on OGA approval in April 2019.

Horndean, PL211  (UKOG 10%)
The oil field in Hampshire continued stable oil production, averaging around 133 bopd gross with low water cut in 2019.

Avington, PEDL070, (UKOG 5%)
Field currently shut in.

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