Other Assets

Here is a list of our current assets:

Avington (PEDL070)
Field currently shut in. UKOG holds a 5% interest.

Broadford Bridge (PEDL234)
Operated by UKOG’s 100%-owned Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Limited. BB-1 & 1z completed, preparing two further planning applications. The licence area is 300 km².

A24 (PEDL143)
Seeking alternative sites to drill Holmwood and other Kimmeridge prospects.

Horndean (PL211)
Field is in stable production. UKOG has a 10% interest.

Horse Hill (PEDL137/PEDL246)
Horse Hill Developments Ltd have begun well tests. Commercially viable Portland oil field. KL3 tested, 10,000 + bbl. KL4 test ongoing. HH-1z and HH-2 producers planned for early 2019. UKOG has a 71.9% direct interest in HHDL, which has a 65% interest in PEDL137 and PEDL246.

Isle of Wight (PEDL331)
Preparing Arreton-3 oil discovery appraisal well planning submission. UKOG has a 65% interest.

Markwells Wood (PEDL126)
UKOG owns 100% of Markwells Wood.

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