Portland Gas Storage

UKOG interest: 100%

In May 2022 UKOG (through its wholly owned subsidiary UK Energy Storage Ltd “UKEn”) made a highly strategic entry into the UK gas storage business via our legal agreement for a large gas storage facility on the Isle of Portland. We intend to create an energy hub at the former Royal Navy port in Dorset.

Planning approval was previously granted in 2008 for a methane gas storage project utilising salt caverns, but, in line with the move to a hydrogen economy, UKEn’s development, while still designed for 1 billion cubic metres of salt cavern methane storage, will be hydrogen ready from inception and proposes to incorporate green hydrogen production via electrolysis using offshore wind power.

The commercial and legal terms of an Agreement to Lease were negotiated and executed with the landowner, Portland Port Ltd.
Since execution of the agreement, UKEn has:

    • Carried out site activities to confirm ground conditions.
    • Pursued the lease of the required subsurface mining and mineral rights with the Crown Estate.
    • Initiated planning and other regulatory activities, with a detailed review of planning requirements, the DCO process and related activities such as approvals required for the pipelines and other ancillaries.
    • Prepared an overall work programme and budget to achieve the Development Consent Order (DCO).
    • Conducted high level engagement with Government and potential future stakeholders.

Technical reviews and studies are underway, including an update of the original salt cavern design, plus overall development engineering and commercials.