Welcome to UK Oil & Gas PLC

UKOG is an energy company focused upon oil and gas exploration and production in the UK and international onshore sectors, together with an increasing diversification into gas storage, hydrogen, and geothermal energy space within the UK.

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The Company aims to build a sustainable oil and gas production base that can act as a springboard to further worldwide petroleum opportunities and to build its UK gas storage, hydrogen and geothermal energy businesses that support UK energy security and the transition to net zero.

In May 2022, the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, UK Energy Storage Ltd ("UKEn"), signed an Agreement to Lease with Portland Port Limited covering two sites at the former Royal Navy port in Dorset, with the intent to develop, subject to new planning consent and securing necessary development finance, a planned integrated Energy-Hub, centred around hydrogen-ready salt cavern gas storage and a future green hydrogen generation capability.

The Company’s current UK onshore oil & gas portfolio consists of direct and indirect interests in five oil and gas exploration, appraisal, development, and production assets, all situated within the Weald Basin of southern England.

UKOG holds a majority operating interest in the producing Horse Hill oil field which has the necessary planning and environmental consents for further development drilling in the Portland and underlying Kimmeridge reservoirs and for produced water reinjection.

The Company also has a non-operating interest in the long established producing Horndean and Avington oil fields and holds majority interests in two further UK onshore oil and gas discoveries, including the significant Loxley Portland gas discovery, assessed to be the second largest gas accumulation ever discovered and flow tested in the UK onshore. The Company now holds all the necessary planning and environmental permits to proceed with appraisal of the Loxley gas discovery.

UKOG’s portfolio in Turkey consists of a 50% non-operated working interest in the 305 km² M47-b1, b2 licence (the Resan Licence) in south-east Turkey, containing the potentially significant undeveloped Basur-Resan oil discovery and further identified exploration prospects including the 9km2 Pinarova shallow oil prospect located near an active oil seep and supported by well and seismic data. Drilling of Pinarova-1 is anticipated in early 2023.

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