Welcome to UK Oil & Gas PLC

UK Oil & Gas PLC (“UKOG”) is an international energy company currently primarily focused upon oil & gas exploration and production.

We specialise in creating new geological ideas, concepts and methodologies to find and produce oil & gas from previously unexplored or overlooked rock formations within established petroleum producing provinces.

Our current operational focus is on the UK and Turkey onshore sectors, where we aim to build a sustainable oil & gas production base that can act as a springboard to further worldwide opportunities. UKOG has operated safely and environmentally responsibly in the UK since 2013.

Our current UK onshore portfolio consists of direct and indirect interests in six oil & gas exploration, appraisal, development and production assets, all situated within the Weald and Purbeck-Wight Basins of southern England. We are the largest acreage holder in the south of England, with assets covering 689 gross km². We hold majority interests in four UK onshore oil & gas discoveries, the most notable being at Horse Hill and Loxley in Surrey.

Our expanding portfolio in Turkey consists of a 50% non-operated working interest in the 305 km² Resan licence in south east Turkey, containing the potentially significant undeveloped Basur-Resan oil discovery plus further exploration prospects. This project is assessed to contain significantly greater discovered oil volumes than any of our UK projects and, if successful, offers potentially transformational growth for the Company.

In order to move our business forwards, we maintain a high level of operational activity, conducting near continuous drilling and flow testing operations since May 2017. Our portfolio, notably Basur-Resan in Turkey and Loxley in the UK, has the potential to generate significant returns for the Company and its shareholders.

As a diversification, we are increasingly active in the newly emerging geothermal energy field, where we possess the key subsurface and engineering skills necessary to make such projects work. We are currently investigating the viability of hybrid energy sites envisaged to derive power from both petroleum and geothermal. We are a founder member of the newly formed Geothermal Energy Advancement Association.

We are actively investigating hybrid geothermal projects at two of our UK sites and will review geothermal opportunities onshore Turkey.

Welcome to UKOG: Energy for Britain


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